Workshop Activity for Gender Equity Simulation

The objective of WAGES is to advance through the ranks of academic life and be the first participant to become a Distinguished Professor.

  • The activity uses a game board divided into three levels: Assistant, Associate, and Full Professor.
  • A set of activity cards corresponds to each level and describes situations likely to come up in an academic work context, such as requesting supplemental lab space or being asked to chair a university committee.
  • The cards describe how successful one has been and determine a player’s progress.
  • All items are based on published empirical data.

Before playing, four to eight individuals are randomly divided into the Green and White team.

  • Players take turn drawing and reading the activity cards corresponding to their current level and team.
  • Both the Green and White team face identical issues, but in Green-team and White-team specific ways.
  • As the game progresses, players learn that the Green Team represents women’s work life experience, while the White Team represents men’s.

The activity ends with a discussion of the subtle bias that women face in the workplace, the four goals of WAGES, and how players feel that can address bias in their own lives.

  • An instruction manual includes direction for the facilitator and topics for discussion.
  • The manual also includes documentation for all WAGES items.

See a sample of WAGES items for an illustration.